About us


Cooper Woodhouse are a purveyor of the finest hot cast / cold cast bronze and bonded marble sculptures. worked for many years and we know the quality of the work far exceeds expectations. All made in the U.K.

That’s why we give an exclusive 30 day money back guarantee.

Our bronze sculptures are some of the finest in the world, mounted on solid marble bases.

Our bonded marble / cold cast / hot cast sculptures are made in the UK, by Cooper Woodhouse who produce the finest quality sculptures.

We are passionate about sourcing and creating the finest sculptures.

Our outstanding customer service is a core part of making sure our sculptures are recommended by you. If you have any questions, would like advice on caring for your new sculpture, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send your comments to info@cooperwoodhouse.co.uk 

Our warehouse has ample stock and all items you see on the web site are in stock and ready for dispatch. Order before 12 and the new sculpture will arrive the very next day!

If you are in a country where you cannot see shipping details. Please email us, as we can pretty much ship anywhere.